EMF - Electromagnetic field balancing technique

EMF Teaches us to understand and manage our own personal energy.

About EMF

There are 12 EMF sessions available to receive, each with it’s own intent .

- Phase i Balancing Wisdom and Emotion

- Phase ii Self Direction and Self Support

- Phase iii Radiating Core Energy

- Phase iv Energetic Accomplishment

- Phase v Infinite Love

- Phase vi Infinite Compassion

- Phase vii Infinite Presence

- Phase viii Infinite Wisdom

- Phase ix Universal Human

- Phase x Universal Parent

- Phase xi Universal Partner

- Phase xii Emerging Evolutionary

Peggy Phoenix Dubro is the originator of the Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique. This energy modality works on the Lattice, a system in our energy anatomy that evolved especially to enable us to work with the new energies of these times and to hold more Universal Energy.

"Peggy's innovative work with the field of all life leads us to a place in ourselves where love, healing and peace begin. Her techniques are practical, effective and they work." Greg Braden, NY Times best selling author of The God Code, The Divine Matrix , Fractal Time.

Sally Kearney is a teacher and practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique.

Training takes place twice a year and on demand and concessions are available. Also, there is low cost accommodation on offer, off season.

Personal Growth Training is open to all who wish to strengthen their connection to Universal Energy and to know more about their unique electromagnetic nature.

Sally is available to give both Skype and distant EMF sessions, phases i - iv.

Internship is available to those who wish to work professionally.